1. Are Toomey Racing USA's T5's the "Best" pipes for the Banshee?

 Answer: Yes.The more complete answer is that our pipe makes more power, over a wider range than any other pipe available. We do this by providing to the customer not only a better and more thoroughly researched design, but a complete kit as well. Everything you need to install and properly tune your machine for racing is included. No other manufacturer gives you all this.


2.  Why are T5 the best pipe?

Answer: Because we have tested all the other makes we can find, on our own computerized dyno facility and have assured it. We have been involved with this basic Yamaha engine design for over 25 years. In one form or another, R5, RD-350, RD-400, TZ 250, TZ 350, TZ 700, TZ 750, or Banshee, this engine is basically the same 64X54 Bore & Stroke engine Yamaha has been producing for years.We have been involved in the road race version of these engines since the '70's. In 1979, in the TZ 750 version, we won the Daytona 200 Road Race using a very similar pipe to what Banshee riders use today. We made several changes to allow it to run at lower R'sPM than the TZ 750, thus gaining a lot of "low end" power.



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